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As much as we’d like to believe that all products are created equal, they really aren’t. Especially in scooters, which are very important for getting around urban areas. Scooters are just perfect for personal transport in the city—they’re light, energy efficient (they don’t use that much gas, so they’re cost efficient as well), cheap, and they’re very convenient to park in the street or in your home. Plus, licensing requirements for scooter owners are typically easier and cheaper compared to cars and other larger vehicles.

There are plenty of scooters out there—probably thousands upon thousands of models—and not all of them are built for what they should be used for: travel and transport. Getting around town requires more than two wheels and a handle bar—you have to make sure that the scooter you own can take you for miles without hassles and problems. You need to make sure that your scooter can take you all the way. You need to make sure that you’re riding on a Volo.

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