Its time to Celebrate Canada Day

Its Canada day!  Happy Canada Day on behalf of everyone here at Volo Scooters!  We are working hard to bring you the best Electric Scooters available in the market. Today commemorates the founding of Canada in 1867. The entire country celebrates with a federal holiday, which means many people get a day off work. What […]

Zoom Off with Volo Scooters

As much as we’d like to believe that all products are created equal, they really aren’t. Especially scooters, which have been very important for getting around urban areas. Scooters are just perfect for personal transport in the city—they’re light, energy efficient (they don’t use gas), cheap, and they’re very convenient to park in the street […]

Volo Means Adventure! Benefits of Volo Electric Scooters

Looking for fun? Excitement? Extreme off-road adventure? Check out our lean, mean Volo machine! What’s a Volo? Glad you asked! It’s one mean urban all-terrain machine that’s loaded with features to make your off-road adventures ignite! Do you have what it takes to take your off-roading to a whole new level? You will when you own a Volo! At 800 watts […]