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Volo Electric Scooters - providing high tech, quality electric scootersQue Dot Inc.  A tech company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Volo Scooters, The Industry leaders in Electric Scooter technologies

Volo Scooters is a devision of Que Dot Inc. It is a research and development devision that specializes in designing and manufacturing urban, all terrain electric scooters.  Volo was founded for providing adventure products for adults that are stylish, functional and most importantly, FUN!  Our aim is to make you feel like a kid again as you take our products out on your very own exciting adventures.
Volo Scooters is a global brand that is based out of Toronto, Ontario.


Why do business with Volo Scooters?

Are you the ultimate thrill-seeker?
If so, you have come to the right place!  We are Canada’s fastest growing online professional retailer, distributor and supplier of high quality electric scooters currently available on the market.
Volo Scooters crush the market!
We provide quality scooters with huge features for less!
We’ve got POWER!
We currently offer two different models ranging from 800 to 1000 Watts! That’s more than any other scooter!We’ve got SAFETY!
All our electric scooters come equipped with a duel disc breaking system to allow the rider to slow down or stop with plenty of breaking power to spare.Electric scooters are perfect solution for your transportation needs. Whether you ride it to work or to the store, cruise around the campus, or are just looking for a new thrill, the electric scooter delivers. These scooters are Amazing, Exciting, Thrilling and Fun to ride! Once you have ridden our electric scooters you will never look back.WHY BUY FROM VOLO SCOOTERS?
Legitimate registered business in Canada
* We are the only store who carries the largest stocks of electric scooters in Canada
* Our online store is open 24 hours a day
* Next day shipping
* We respond to all quote requests within 24 hours
* Highest quality
* Competitive prices
* Overall best value available anywhere
* Courteous, Knowledgeable and professional sales personne